My First Vaping Experience

I just wanted to tell story really quickly… Is about my first vaporizing experience. For those you don’t know what a vaporizer is it is a contraption that you used to either smoke E cigarettes or smoke marijuana. It really depends on which type of contraption that you have and what type that you prefer. This case I was smoking weed.

I must say at first I was not too big of a fan and I really was not excited to try. I was always just someone who is a more traditional type of thinking where I don’t want to try new things. I like the way that joints and blunts tasted and how it affected me so I wanted to continue to do that. However, One of my friends picked up a vaporizer and told me that he would beat me out for free. So how can I say no to that?

The vaporizer was some new one the name escapes me but it was pretty cool. I medicated with him and I became very medicated. I started to eat a lot of pretezels from the pretzel bin as we call them. It was a good time all around and I really like the high that a vaporizer provides for you. It is much more laid-back and it’s is much cleaner I feel.

I did some research about the vape I vaped from on and was able to decide that I should actually get one. After reading about all of the health benefits…I think that I am really missing out on something.